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    Geiger counter and portable electromagnetic radiation detector

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    Today, we can no longer believe by ourselves what we have heard about the state of nuclear or electromagnetic pollution.

    The 5 in 1 Multifunction Detector will give you access to the truth thanks to 5 parameters measured in real time, thus protecting your health.

    The 5 in 1 Multifunction Detector offers you the following functions: Geiger counter, beta, gamma and X-ray detectors

    - Nuclear dosimeter

    - Electric field detector

    - Magnetic field detector

    - Electromagnetic field intensity detector

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    What is the purpose of a Geiger counter?

    The ambient air outside is generally radioactive, which is extremely harmful to health. This polluted air comes from radioactive clouds circulating over our heads.
    These clouds came from a hidden nuclear accident or usually from Chernobyl. In any case, do not wait for the public service to inform you of the real level of radioactivity in the air.
    The Geiger counter will tell you the quality of the air outside and whether it is safe for you to go out or move around. The normal average air dose is 0.11 us/hr (0.11 microsieverts per hour).
    At 1.1 us/hr or higher we recommend that you take shelter (do not go outside). From 5.5 us/h we recommend to evacuate the area.
    Geiger counters can also be used to measure the radioactivity of certain objects or occupied houses.

    What is the purpose of a nuclear dosimeter?

    Just as a Geiger counter gives you an instantaneous level of radioactivity, a dosimeter adds up the radioactivity you have absorbed over a period of time.
    If you absolutely must go outside and the air around you is radioactive, be sure to return immediately after receiving a maximum dose of 1.1 us (1.1 microsievert)

    What is the electric field detector for?

    Perhaps you live near an electric field that is harmful to your health without knowing it?
    The field detector allows you to verify this by taking direct measurements.
    From 10,000 V/m (10,000 volts per meter), electric fields can cause skin reactions.
    At 25,000 V/m, an unpleasant sensation can be felt.


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    Julien. M10/14/2021
    Génial !

    Comparé à un dosimètre universitaire, le calibrage d’origine est très bon.

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      Geiger counter and portable electromagnetic radiation detector

      Geiger counter and portable electromagnetic radiation detector

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