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The usefulness of a geiger counter ?

The usefulness of a geiger counter ?

The conclusion is clear.

1. France is the most nuclear country in the world

2. The life of a nuclear reactor will end

3. EDF's financial difficulties

4. Most nuclear workers lack training If something goes wrong, it is very likely that a simple event will turn into a disaster...

In case of a nuclear disaster, the country will lie to you!

This may sound shocking, but it is true. Nuclear energy is a very sensitive subject in France, and accidents are always hidden. If they are made public, they will be watered down.

We all remember the famous Chernobyl cloud that stopped at the French border.

The "sortir du nucléaire" network lists the known accidents of nuclear power plants: there is almost one every day.

Measure the radioactivity yourself, it is the only way to know the real situation at home in case of a nuclear disaster.

If you live near a power plant, it is important to get a radioactivity measuring device.

The Geiger counter !

What is a Geiger counter? No, a Geiger-Miller counter.

This is the name of the device used to measure radioactivity. It looks like a small box, indicating the amount of radiation absorbed per hour.

More precisely, X-rays. Its unit of measurement is the millisievert per hour.

Is radioactivity dangerous?

Radioactivity exists naturally around us. It is everywhere, in the air, water and soil.
Don't worry, only a single exposure to 200 millisieverts is a health risk.

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